Did you know, fun facts about farm animals!

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Did you know these fun facts about farm animals? Learn all about horses, sheep, goats & cows!

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Did you know the answers to all of these farm animal questions?

  • Q: How many compartments does a cow’s stomach have? A: Four
  • Q: What type of animal is a Flemish giant? A: A rabbit
  • Q: Which adjective is used to describe a horse with two different colored patches, usually black and white? A: Piebald
  • Q: What farm animal has breeds named Zwartbles, Corriedale, and Merino? A: Sheep
  • Q: How many eggs will the average hen lay in a year? A: 227

Facts about Horses

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Did you know these summer facts about your horses? –

  • An average horse needs at least 5 gallons of water a day for body maintenance. – You can add a few ice cubes or even frozen fruits to their water to make it more interesting during the hot summer months.
  • Some horses can get sunburnt. Horses with pink areas around the eyes and muzzle are prone to getting sunburns. – You can apply sunscreen on these areas before going out in the daylight or protect your horse’s face with a fly mask.

Did you know these facts about your horses coat?

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A horse’s coat has a few different types of hair. – They have temporary body hair that sheds but their manes and tails are permanent hairs that don’t shed. – They also have tactile hair, which is their whiskers, eyebrows, and ear hair. These hairs help horses navigate and feel things around them that they can’t see. – When a horse’s eyes sense an increase or decrease in daylight hours, their bodies know to shed their current coats, replace them with a winter coat, or a new fresh summer coat.

Now let’s talk about Goats & Sheep!

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Did you know these facts about sheep and goats?

  • Like cows, they are ruminant animals. – They have a four-chambered stomach, they use the first chamber to store food (cud) which they then bring back into their mouths to chew again before fully digesting it.
  • These grazing animals are great environmentalists because they often prefer noxious weeds and plants.
  • Sheep and goats both like to stick close to one another for comfort and security.

No matter what kind of farm animals you take care of, Huffman’s Farm and Home can help provide the essentials and more you need to get through every season with your animals.


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